Monday, July 15, 2013

Love is all around...

This week I'm doing double duty in Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

I was in Minneapolis today and completely fell in love with it.  It's the kind of town I could live in!  Well, in the summer anyway...not too sure about those MN winters.  I spent some time in the area called Mill City along the banks of the Mississippi River.  It's an old industrial area that's seen a renaissance and renovation over the last few years.  I strolled across the lovely Stone Arch Bridge, which is exactly what the name implies...a bridge across the Mississippi made of granite and limestone consisting of 23 arches.  It was built in 1883 for the railroad, but today it is a pedestrian and bicycle bridge that crosses just beyond St. Anthony Falls.

I then went into the middle of the city to search out the location of one of the most iconic scenes in television history.  The title of this blog is a hint...can you figure it out?  If not, the pics below will give it away for sure!

I learned today that Minneapolis has more theatre seats per capita than any other city in the US besides NYC.  Who knew?  This is the big one in town: The Guthrie Theatre along the bank of the Mississippi River.

This is the Stone Arch Bridge.

You may have to zoom in to see it, but I love that they left the crumbling ruins on an old mill building around the newer, sleeker building inside.

The mighty Mississippi.

Most of the old mill buildings still have the original signage on top.  Very cool!

We don't have these signs where I come from!

Here she is!  This statue was erected on the very spot where Mary Tyler Moore stood and threw her hat joyfully into the air in the opening of one of the best shows ever on television (in my humble opinion).

The plaque at the base of the statue.  I sooooo wish I had worn a hat.  I wanted desperately to stand there and throw mine into the air, too!

The downtown area of Minneapolis is clean and lovely...made all the more so with these huge flower arrangements that are on every street.

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