Saturday, April 6, 2013

In Rome...having wifi issues

Hello all!  Sorry for no blog yesterday, but I am having wifi issues in the apartment where I am staying.  Giorgio, my host, is trying to get it fixed but for now I am having to blog and email from cafes.  If there are fewer blogs than usual over the weekend, you'll know it didn't get fixed.

I am currently sitting in a café right outside the Vatican, where they have free wifi and excellent French fries.  The chicken panini is pretty good, too.  There is a table full of nuns right beside me and they are talking up a storm and laughing heartily.  They have finished their meal and just gotten espressos and big bowls of dessert...looks like whipped cream or some sort of white pudding with a chocolate dusting on top.  One of them has her napkin draped over her cross necklace to prevent spills on her habit.  Funny!  They dispel the impression of austerity I associate with nuns.   

Rome is beautiful beyond words.  It is the most unique mix of ancient and modern I have ever seen.  They call it the Eternal City and I can see why.  Ancient ruins seem to just sprout from the ground all over the place.  Every plaza is a treasure of artwork.  The Trevi Fountain flows and sparkles in the sun as tourists gape in awe at its wonder.  Indeed, around every corner a new treasure causes the jaw to drop.

The wifi here is not super-fast, so I can only load a few pics, but here is a beginning....

My cute little apartment in Rome.

A lot of buildings here have greenery on top, or coming out the sides.

The Trevi Fountain

A closer view.

The Trajan Column.  It is 138ft high and was completed in 113AD.  The battles of the Dacian War are depicted in the relief that spirals up the column.

On top there was originally a statue of Trajan, but it disappeared and was later replaced with this one of St. Peter.  And on to of St. Peter is a pigeon!

Another fabulous fountain in front of yet another church named for Santa Maria. 

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