Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The streets of Rome...

Musicians perform on the subway for tips.

Throngs of tourists taking a rest on the Spanish Steps.

This is not a fancy sculpture, but rather a typical Roman water fountain...for drinking.  Rome has some of the cleanest and most delicious water in the world, and these fountains are very handy for refilling a water bottle throughout the day.

Most street musicians work alone or in pairs, but this was a whole band and they were terrific.  They had a big crowd of people singing and dancing in the streets!  In fact, I think the two women in the picture had just dropped their bags and joined in to sing.

A typical little café.

There are all manner of street performers, and painting oneself up in silver, gold, or bronze and posing like a statue until a coin is tossed is very common.  This troupe of guys were taking a little break.

An artist working on the street.

A fountain in Piazza del Popolo.
This cute little guy was riding the subway with me one morning.  He looks like he could be Dexter's (Tanya's dog) Italian cousin. Sorry for the slight fuzziness...the movement of the subway car obscures the clarity a bit.

Of all the street performers I saw, this was the most unique.  The guy on bottom is holding up the guy on top with one hand.  If there is a trick or illusion to this, I couldn't see it, and I looked all around his arm, shoulder, back, and hand.  Both men seemed to be in a trance.  I passed them going up a street and about an hour later when I passed coming back down, they hadn't moved a millimeter.   
Did I mention it was crowded?

These street-corner shrines to the Virgin Mary are common.  I saw them in Florence also.

Look at these gorgeous artichokes on display in front of a restaurant.

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