Thursday, March 21, 2013

Amsterdam - day 2

I slept in again this morning due to having stayed up so late last night writing a long post and trying to get pics to load.  But, hey, no apologies because I am, as the Europeans would say, on holiday!  I woke up to a gray day, but after being in Stockholm, the mid-30 degree temps of Amsterdam seem downright comfortable.  I came through the neighborhood this morning heading to the tram stop, still on my journey (which began at 11am yesterday for those keeping up) to the Hermitage Amsterdam to see the Van Gogh's, when what did I spy but an open air market down a little side street.  As much as I'd love to, I don't think I could live here because I would never be able to make it anywhere in keeping with any semblance of the meaning of "on time" because I'm so completely entranced by everything I see.  I suffer from punctuality disorder already...all this enchantment would only make it worse.

Speaking of punctuality, I am considering buying a watch.  I never know what time it is, and the tram stops tell you not how long to the next tram, but rather the time it will arrive.  Not helpful if you have no idea what time it is now.  And I never do.  Hence the watch.  I know what you're thinking: just look at your phone.  I sent my phone back with Tanya because it doesn't work over here anyway and the phone with its charger was just more for me to lug around.  So, I think I need to buy a watch, just to keep in my pocket.      

For various reasons, I don't wear a watch.  For one thing, I don't find them comfortable.  And comfort is a big thing to me.  I buy my clothes as much for the softness of the fabric as any other quality...a fact those of you who have witnessed my fashion sense, unfortunately, already know.  But also, I have a general distaste for having my days plagued by the keeping of time.  We're so ruled by it.  Everyone is busy, in a hurry...go, go, go.  Even I am, on this trip.  When does the bus leave?  How long to the airport?  What time do I need to get there to get through security and to my gate, but not have to wait too long?  Too much time-keeping, but necessary to get everywhere I want to see in 6 1/2 weeks.  So, I like when I'm in a city like this one and I can just wander a bit without worrying about it.    

Needless to say, I spent so much time wandering that I am now eating at this Italian café and may not make it to the Hermitage today.  It's ok, I still have tomorrow...

Just a few pics from this morning...

Despite the weather, this open-air market was hopping.

A produce seller at the street market.

Amsterdam is full of dogs!  Another reason to love it!

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