Thursday, March 14, 2013

Arrival in Edinburgh

We've arrived in Edinburgh!  The flight here from Dublin took only a little over an hour.  Our hotel is spectacular.  I got a deal on Priceline by bidding some ridiculously low price and it worked.  I always try it when traveling...sometimes it works and sometimes not, but it's always worth a shot.  I guess since this is off season, they just want to fill up rooms.  We're at the Sheraton Grand Hotel and Spa, and our room has the fanciest bathroom I've ever been in.  You can change the "mood lighting" to about a dozen different colors.  I've posted a pic below of the bath in blue.  When we arrived, we asked if we could be upgraded to a room with a view of the castle and they did it for free.  The room and hotel are so nice that we haven't been out as much this evening as usual.  The weather today was bitter cold (snow on the ground) so an evening in was great.  We have wandered a bit.  We're in the theatre district, so we got tickets to a show tomorrow evening. 

More tomorrow.  I'm going to go soak in the fancy tub with the mood lighting.

Fancy bath with mood lighting.  Pictures don't do it justice.

View of Edinburgh Castle and Usher House theatre (domed building below castle) from our hotel window.

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  1. I am so jealous! It sounds like y'all are having a wonderful time. What a great idea to do a blog. I look forward to hearing about your adventures tomorrow. I hope Tanya got me some chocolate from the place in Dublin she found. Don't eat it all Tanya!!!!