Tuesday, March 19, 2013

May I pet your dog?

Those of you who know me won't be shocked to find out that I have learned that phrase in the language of every country I'm visiting.  I made little index cards of key phrases in each language...things like hello, goodbye, thank you, sorry, where are the toilets, and may I pet your dog.  In Swedish it's "Kan jag klappa din hund?"  I'm worried about Prague where it's "Muze i pohladit sveho psa?" and Amsterdam where it's "Mag ik je hond aaien?"  Still, I'm sure I'll figure it out because it's an essential phrase for me.

Which brings me to some pics Tanya made in Dublin and Edinburgh...

No translation needed in Scotland.

I don't know this fellow's name, but he was kind enough to pose for a photo in his kilt.

Tanya in a UK phone booth.

The big traditional Scottish breakfast with haggis and baked beans.

This is the charming Irishman, Jim Kearns...mentioned in an earlier blog post.

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  1. Jim Kearns may be the most adorable man on earth. Look at that face!!! He was a sweetie and like all the Irish folks -- a conversationalist. On Sunday we met a couple from New Jersey. He swung by a store to meet someone who shared his name (probably not family but worth checking out) and left four hours later . . . the gift-of-gab makes the Irish the friendliest folks you'll meet and you'll be lucky to meet them!