Thursday, March 21, 2013


I'm going to do these in small batches by theme and post as I go so I won't crash and lose them like I did last night.

These were all taken in the cute little neighborhood just across the canal from my hotel...

Looking back across the canal towards my hotel (the red building in the middle).  I will use the phrase "the canal" often, but won't be talking about the same canal.  Amsterdam has more canals than Venice.

Bikes are everywhere!  It's the main mode of transportation in Amsterdam.  Just when I had gotten back to looking in the correct direction for traffic, I am now having to get used to looking for bikes coming from all directions.

The bakery case.  Notice the bread stacked on shelves along the wall in the top right corner...the walls all the way around the shop are lined with shelves of bread.

The cheese shop....piled 2 stories high.

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