Thursday, March 21, 2013

Another day happily lost in Amsterdam...

I'm not sure lost is the right word.  On the one hand, I never got where I was going: the Hermitage.  On the other, I always had at least a vague sense of where I was.  At least in relation to the tourist map in my pocket.  I didn't trace in my routes or measure them today, but I did strategically apply my map in another way.  I looked at yesterday's map to see where I had been, and then used the trams to get to little areas where I hadn't been.  I would ride to the upper end of an area and walk back through.  There are so many beautiful neighborhoods here, I can't imagine any better way than to just wander around and take it all in.

Before I get further into that, I want to spread some birthday love to my little sis, Keyonna.  Happy Birthday from across the pond!  Sorry I can't be there...actually, I wish you were here!

Back to wandering.  Tomorrow I can spend another whole day in Amsterdam (and I vow to get to the, really), but around 10:00 tomorrow night, I begin wandering towards a new city.  I'll be leaving on the overnight sleeper train to Prague.  I'm excited about the prospect of sleeping on the train.  I don't know why...maybe because I've seen it in so many classic movies and foreign films.  I'm in a 2-person sleeper and assigned as a "dame" (as it states on my ticket), so I'll share with another female passenger.  Supposedly this particular train is like a hotel on tracks.  You get a key card for your room, there is a dining car, a bar car, a turn down service in which they convert the room from a 2-seater with table over to 2 bunk beds, and a boxed breakfast delivered to your room the next morning.  And, I paid for the standard compartment, not the deluxe! 

Pictures are posting too slow again tonight,  but I will try to post some in the morning.  Now I am going to bed.  Good night...or as the Dutch would say, "goedenacht."          

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