Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Traveling again...

I am back in another station doing the waiting game.  This time it’s the central station in Prague waiting for my overnight train to Krakow, which leaves in a little less than an hour.  The station is called Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, which I think translates as Prague Railway Station.  The language here is extremely difficult to comprehend.  Even when I can see a word that is being spoken, it doesn’t make any sense to me.  For example, there was a stop on the train I took into the city every day called Sovice, but every time the stop was announced, I swear it sounded like they were saying about 14 syllables.  Oh well, maybe I’ll have better luck with Polish.  Maybe.  Fingers crossed.

Today I planned the next leg of my journey through Italy.  I will visit 5 cities, although some of them only briefly.  I’m flying into Bologna from Krakow, but only staying one night.  In most cases, my itinerary was set based on where I wanted to stay.  For example, I really wanted to stay at the home of a woman named Vera who hosts travelers in Venice because her reviews were spectacular and the price was great for Venice.  But, I had to book around what she had available, so that meant only one night in Bologna.  It’s ok…I only ended up going there at all because it was the cheapest place in Italy to fly into from Krakow.  It doesn’t really matter all that much to me…I will go wherever fate takes me and it will all be an adventure!

I will post again tomorrow when I have some pics and info about Krakow!  Thanks to all who are reading!

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